By entering this contract with AAA Transporters (, I agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions implemented by the company. I understand that AAA Transporters is a broker that retrieves an unaffiliated and independent transporter from inside of its own preferred network of transporters to deliver and pick up the Vehicle to its requested destination. I also am in understanding of the fact that AAA Transporters will only receive a portion of the tariff, or the transport total, and that the transporter will take the remainder of the balance. I also understand that any remaining balance left over is due at the time of delivery when the vehicle has reached its destination by the transporter, and that this balance must be paid completely and fully with a cashiers check, cash or money order. It will be paid to the transporter unless there has been a full-pay authorization that has been signed and the full transport balance is paid to AAA Transporters. I further understand that the transport will be overseen by a bill of lading with said Transporter.

Every effort will be undertaken to ensure that the transport of the vehicle arrives at the first available pick up date, and for the delivery to happen on the estimated delivery date. Yet sometimes, unfortunately, AAA Transporters cannot guarantee these dates due to unforeseen delays, weather, mechanical failures or other unanticipated situations. Upon the entering of this contract, you are in agreement that AAA Transporters is able to charge your card for the reservation fee regardless. You can cancel the transport before it begins by calling AAA Transporters at (888) 889-0939 with your order number. By requesting a cancellation e-mail from the company, you understand that the AAA Transporters will have already charged a non-refundable fee due to its services that have already been performed. This includes administrating and arranging the transport of your vehicle.

I agree that AAA Transporters shall not be held responsible for any sort of liability directly or indirectly caused by or related to the transporter. AAA Transporters agrees to assist you in the event of an incident or accident during transportation, and AAA Transporters will provide any and all insurance information for the transporter that is available to AAA Transporters. You wave the claims for damages against AAA Transporters by entering into this contract, including those that relate in any way to the vehicle's transportation. I agree to defend the innocence and hold irresponsible AAA Transporters against any and all costs, claims, damages, and losses including attorney fees or expenses of every kind that surround the transport. I also understand that I am responsible for securing any personal belongings in the vehicle. If I include items in my vehicle, I understand that AAA Transporters is not responsible at all for any fines or fees brought on by transport, and that the transporters insurance on the vehicle during transit only covers the vehicle and not personal belongings found inside of the vehicle.

This Terms & Conditions is the party's entire agreement regarding transportation of the vehicle, coming before any previous agreement or negotiation that may contradict any of these terms. If either party files a lawsuit that in any way relates to these Terms & Conditions, the winning party will be awarded the cost of their attorney fees.

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