The term “Door-to-Door” is a little misleading. It may not be possible for the auto shipping company’s carrier truck to pick up from or deliver to your home or office. This is because due to the size of the carrier truck, not all streets and building set ups will accommodate the weight, size, and height of such a truck. For this reason, “Door-to-Door” basically means as close to your desired pick up and drop off sites as possible.

When you use door-to-door shipping, the acceptable alternative sites will most likely be some kind of public parking lot that can accommodate a carrier truck.

The cost for door-to-door shipping will be different from the cost of terminal-to-terminal shipping through an auto shipping company. The terminal-to-terminal fees may be less than the door-to-door costs.

When considering using an auto shipping company, if you prefer door-to-door service, ask each company you are considering if they can pick up and deliver to your chosen sites. If not, ask them what alternatives are available. With some companies, you may have to use a terminal.

If there is a reason why you need to change the pick up or delivery location once the contact has been signed, be sure to alert your auto shipping company immediately. Most auto shipping companies will work with you as much as possible, though there may be an additional charge involved for the change of plans.

When using door-to-door service, you or your designated representative may sign for pick up and take delivery. Someone will need to be present at both ends of the shipment process, but the auto shipping company will usually not insist that it be you, the vehicle owner who is there. Just be sure you let the company know in advance, who your designated representative is so there are no problems.