Though there may be some variables depending upon your particular situation, your vehicle, and the auto shipping company you choose, there are some basic elements that apply to most vehicle transport processes.

The Process of Shipping a VehicleFirst, you will need to get vehicle shipping rates so you can select a company of your choice. There are various ways to do this. Once you feel comfortable with the auto shipping company you have selected, you will need to take care of paperwork, payment of a deposit, and the scheduling of your auto pick up and delivery.

You will need to make many decisions along the way. You may need to arrange for outside help from family or friends in the vehicle shipping process. If you need to take your automobile somewhere for pick up, or if you need to pick it up somewhere other than your home, you may need transportation one way.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping, photographing it, and inspecting it are additional steps that need to be taken before the auto is shipped. There is a lot to do, but your vehicle shipping company can help you get organized with the process, and may even have paperwork that gives you tips for how to most efficiently go through the process.

After your vehicle is en route, there are still a few things to do. You may wish to track your vehicle’s progress while it is on the journey to the new destination. Once you or your designated representative take delivery of your vehicle, there will need to be one more inspection and possibly more photographs. Final payment will need to be made and more paperwork will need to be signed.

If there are problems with your vehicle, be sure to discuss them with the driver or terminal agent, and to document them well. Find out in advance what your auto shipping company’s policy is for handling damages to shipped vehicles, and adhere strictly to it.