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 Licensed. Insured. Bonded.

Through our carrier qualification process, we insure that all of our carriers are insured, licensed and bonded. In fact, through our experience, we have found that the insurance minimums required by law are insufficient. It is because of our experience that we require all carriers to have a minimum of $1,000,000 auto liability insurance and will as a minimum of $250,000 in cargo liability insurance.

Services Car Shipping Auto Car TransportIn addition to this we require that all carriers place us on their insurance policy as a certificate holder so that we are notified if any changes are made to their policy directly from the insurance company. We also require that our network of carriers maintain a safety rating of 90% and as well as keeping their Federal Motor Carrier and DOT license in good standing without any revocation within a 12 month period. These qualifications and standards are set very high but that is what we feel is necessary so that you do not have the worries of shipping your vehicle.

Worldwide Transport Services
We specialize in worldwide transportation services. Through our highly qualified carrier system, we have created specific routes throughout the continental United States so that your vehicle get shipped in a fast and timely manner. We have also created strategic partnerships with all the international ports in the United States to ensure cost effective routes to ship your vehicle across sea whether it be Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

Door to Door Transportation
Your vehicle will be picked up and delivered with door to door service. Through our carrier qualification process we ensure that your vehicle will not have to be dropped off at a terminal or central location. Please be aware however that our carriers trucks average 60 feet in length so sometimes it is very hard to get a truck into tight neighborhoods which might require that you meet the truck driver on the outskirts of your neighborhood, apartment complex or office building.

Enclosed and Open Carriers
Our network of carriers includes both enclosed and open trailers. Depending on your preference or needs, it is up to you to determine whether you want your vehicle shipped enclosed, allowing for protection from the elements, or in an open air trailer. Obviously the cost and time required to pick you vehicle up are greater due to the fact that there are a lot fewer enclosed trailers.